The Vine Uganda and Truly Fed Ministries are looking for Eligible Interns- Stateside and Abroad!

If you fit the following criteria and would like to support our stateside office of The Vine Uganda or Truly Fed Ministries please fill out the form below. We are in the process of launching our internship program.  Fill out the form below or contact and we will keep you informed when we begin accepting applications.  

• Must be 18+ years of age
• Have a compassionate heart towards people and missions
• General computer/printing skills (if interested in stateside ministry internship)
• General social media knowledge and familiarity with posting/sharing
• Willingness to serve under Truly Fed Ministries statement of faith / values... click here.
• Able to take initiative with delegated responsibilities

More information will be updated periodically.

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Ministry I'm interested in... *
I am interested in interning for Truly Fed Ministries AND/OR The Vine Uganda.... Check one/both.