The Eagle.

This morning as I mindlessly put away dishes from the top rung of our dishwasher something struck me.  A coffee mug was lodged between two plastic partitions in our ancient machine, making it look like the wings of an eagle spread across the vast plains of chipped cups and glasses.  The mug has words printed under the wings that say, "Those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary."  Isaiah 40

I'd like to say I took the words from the coffee mug and danced around the kitchen with a burst of super-nova faith but the truth is I've heard that scripture so many times I'm numb.  The eagle might as well be a pigeon because I'm confused by the whole thing. I'm often tired, overwhelmed, and truth be told... sometimes a bit cranky if you catch me before I've had a large iced tea in the morning to wake me up.  I grabbed that mug and walked upstairs to explore what it means to "mount up."

The first thing I did is what any Bible scholar of my caliber does to begin a serious study session—I googled eagles—and was delighted at what I saw pop up.  Turns out God created these birds in a special way.  They were created specifically for strength and skill.  Most of the birds I love were created for beauty and song; but not the eagle.  They can see fish from several hundred feet above the water.  Even fishermen in boats can't see fish with the clarity eagles can from the sky.  They have vision that's four times sharper than the human eye; and even have a special lens that allows them to look and fly directly into the sun.

What's even more interesting about these birds is …. keep reading.

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In a world obsessed with being noticed, followed and famous—what would it look like to live in pursuit of the exact opposite?  What would it look like to be UNfamous?

The idea came to me as I listened to elementary age kids talk about their dreams for the future. One girl said she wanted to be famous on Instagram while the other wasn’t sure what that entailed. “You just post pictures of yourself and soon you get paid for doing nothing but posing.” Hmmm…this got me thinking. 

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I haven’t blogged for a while. Years…to be exact. And today I find myself sitting at my lap top wondering why. It’s not that I stopped writing—as a matter of fact, I wrote three books during my blog sabbatical. Truthfully, someone once described blogging as tending a garden; you have to keep up with it or it becomes overrun with weeds. The past two years seemed to hold so many other obligations and opportunities, so… when life started to take a different turn, I let the garden go. Looking back, I probably should have at least maintained a small portion rather than letting the weeds overrun years of what I’d carefully planted. Now, as I pull the weeds and finally start to cultivate the soil I hope will be fertile with helpful words and content that challenges and engages, I remember why I quit.

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