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spirit hunger

We all hunger to be more intimately connected to God. The answer to our Spirit Hunger is to engage God like never before. In this book, Meacham shows how to turn worry into belief, problems and heartaches into a life of intimate prayer, and sighs for intimacy into closeness with God.


truly fed

(Revised and Updated Edition.)

Food has become a modern day anesthesia; numbing, dictating, and distracting us from a greater filling. In a real and nonthreatening way Gari shares her own past struggles with compulsive overeating and anorexia as she cheers readers to a place of hope and inspired healing.

mornings with jesus.jpg


Mornings with Jesus offers encouraging words from women who share personal reflections, prayers, and faith steps that help you experience a deeper relationship with Jesus—the Healer, the Son of God, the Comforter, the Good Shepherd, the Christ.



In this six-session small group Bible study (DVD/digital video sold separately), Spirit Hunger, Gari Meacham peels back the layers of lesser loves we use to fill our true ‘hunger’ for a relationship with God. In Spirit Hunger, she journeys with you to the raw places of desiring God and discovering a faith-filled way of praying and believing the God we adore.


watershed moments

Our lives progress moment by moment. Woven together, these slivers of time shape our present. But what if one single moment changed everything about you from that second on?

Watershed moments are the turning points in our lives. A new direction. A fresh perspective. An answered prayer. A humble surrender. These are the moments that alter us, move us, and change us for good.


spirit hunger dvd series

Spirit Hunger by Gari Meacham is a gutsy and profound look at prayer and the struggling we do to believe the God we've prayed to. In this six-session, video-based study, Meacham exposes the facades that masquerade as prayer and, with the grace and poise of a surgeon, pulls away the dead layers until an inspired outlook of hope remains.



Tired of gaining and losing the same weight over and over? Sick of feeling like a failure when it comes to food? Learn how to quit dieting and experience true freedom in this powerful Bible study. (First Place 4 Health recipes and CD included.)