Spirit Hunger


We all hunger to be more intimately connected to God. The answer to our Spirit Hunger is to engage God like never before.  In this book, Meacham shows how to turn worry into belief, problems and heartaches into a life of intimate prayer, and sighs for intimacy into closeness with God.

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We all have a desperate need for God – not just for following him or being committed to him, but to be intimately connected to him.

We long for purpose, for affirmation, for attention, for nurture.  But Gari Meacham writes that we fall short of being desperate for God, or we miss the longed-for romance with God we hear about in scripture.  We’re uncertain how to distinguish our longings from our fears.  When, says Meacham, did our longings turn to hauntings?  And when did we buy into the counterfeit yearnings for control, and the insecurity, perfectionism and other attitudes that quench Spirit Hunger?

The answer to Spirit Hunger is to engage God like never before. In this book Meacham shows through her story and the stories of others how to turn worry into belief, problems and heartaches into a life of intimate prayer, and sighs for intimacy into closeness with God. She discusses her discoveries about prayer including why asking is sometimes hard, how we can notice and track God’s movements as we seek his answers, and why it’s sometimes such a struggle to believe after we’ve prayed.

Meacham writes, “With the authenticity of my own life stories—marriage to a professional baseball player, struggles with severe food bondage, and a father who was a quadriplegic—I came to the crisp realization that my prayer life and my belief needed to match. Spirit Hunger provides a clear path towards matching these heart cries—leading away from crumbs and counterfeit, to a hungering for God.”


In sharing struggles, as well as triumphs, Gari Mecham ultimately shows us a new understanding of prayer—not just the worrying kind but authentic, powerful communication.  Spirit Hunger invites us to enter into a whole new relationship with our Lord.

-Debbie Macomber, New York Times bestselling author 

Gari Meacham has personally wrestled with the very things that cause a person’s deep spirit hunger. Gari is not writing from text book research but life’s classroom. Spirit Hunger contains principles that have been carefully mined from God’s Word. Each chapter provides such insight that the reader’s spiritual hunger pains will be satisfied. As the spirit hunger is satisfied, one’s soul will soar to new heights.

-Jackie Kendall, Best-selling author
of Lady in Waiting President of Power to Grow, Inc.

Using her own personal story and experiences, Gari Meacham relates to women of all ages and backgrounds. She understands our hunger to be more intimately connected to God and our confusing tendencies to fill that deep yearning apart from Him. In Spirit Hunger, Gari shares insights into prayer, faith, and belief that lead us toward an authentic love of God.

-Dr. Ed Young, Senior Pastor, 
Second Baptist Church, Houston, Texas